Hip Chik Chair Bead Fill

Hip Chik Chairs are filled with 100% recycled high qualiity polystyrene beads which form to your body and provides great comfort you would expect from our bean bag chairs. The reason they provide such great comfort is because of the way the beads are made and the material the beads are produced from.  Using recycled bead fill is a commitment by  our company to provide a sustainable solution for our market, customers and the environment. 



EPS beads and the environment EPS beads for bean bags and other related EPS material for packaging will eventually reach an end of life and have to be managed. But as stated above, EPS is recyclable. Although the availability of polystyrene recycling programs varies by community and can be limited, the EPS industry uses an average of 50 percent of the post-consumer material collected in the manufacture of new EPS transport packaging and loose fill packaging, which has reduced requirements for raw material resources, energy consumption which has diverted material from landfills. Hip Chik Chairs wants to do our part to improve that message and performance.

EPS recycling centers can be found at the following link. EPS re cycling centers USA.

What about other materials?

You can recycle our shipping box and bags at any recycling location where you live. Re cycling centers in the USA can be found at the following link. Find a Re Cycling Center