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Hip Chik Casual Partner- Core Covers
Hip Chik Casual is now partnering with Core Covers out of Tijuana, BC Mexico.  Core Covers is the #1 provider in the world for Spa Covers and they have a growing textile business as well. For more information about Core Covers, please go to

Hip Chik Chairs New Products for 2018!
New new collections of Hip Chik Chair products were released this fall.  The Hot Shot Chair collection comprised of durable outdoor camo fabrib and our Hip Chik Chair Tech Leather line up.  Please check the tabs to the left for more information or contact us at

Hip Chik Chairs International!
We have partnered with a company in Turkey who is now selling our product silhouettes through Evidea, the #1 On Line Retailer in Turkey!  Note all Evidea Hip Chik Chair products are made from water resistant polyester fabrics, primarily for indoor use. chik