How would you describe Hip Chik Chairs?
Fun, bright, colorful, lightweight and comfortable kick back furniture with a cool and distinctive design, that can be used indoors or outdoors.  Hip Chik Chairs can keep their form but require occasional adjustments since they are fundamentally bean bag chairs. 

Are Hip Chik Chairs and Chair Designs unique?
Hip Chik Chairs unique design, patent protected form and trim design elements can only be acquired through Hip Chik LLC.   You do not "sink" into Hip Chik Chair products like traditional bean bag chairs.  You'll find great support as the product envelopes your body. 

We tell our customers that it is best to get comfortable with our products and "Find Your Fit."  You can see an example of this by going to YouTube and searching under Hip Chik Chairs.   You'll find a assembly video for the adult chair as well as the best way to "Find Your Fit" and adjust your adult chair!

Hip Chik Chairs come in Sunbrella fabric and Tech Leather covers.
Sunbrella fabric is a solution dyed acrylic fabric manufactured by Glen Raven Company located in Glen Raven, NC.  Sunbrella is the US leading outdoor fabric, UV and fade resistant, mold and mildew resistance, bleachable fabric.

Tech-Leather is a soft, comfortable and highly durable synthetic leather fabric. Engineered for easy care, stain resistance, and anti-microbial properties.  With easy care and cleaning.

Can the Hip Chik Sunbella products be used outdoors?
Yes.  Our outdoor products can be used for an extended period of time in direct sunlight.  We proudly offer Sunbrella (please check the Hip Chik Sunbrella page).  We offer Sunbrella outdoor fabrics in a variety of UV/fade resistant and water resistant options.  

Can if I leave my Sunbrella chair in the rain?
It is recommended that our products be put in a sheltered area when raining however. this is a best practice to keep the product in the best shape possible.  If you chair gets soaked, turn it upside down in a sunlit area.  Repeat the process if the top is soaked, and in a matter or hours, the product will quickly dry out.

Is there a difference between virgin and recycled beads?
Our products use the highest quality recycled EPS bead available on the market.  Re cycled beads last as long as virgin beads.  Note that most manufacturers do not use recycled bead due to the cost.  We want to contribute to a movement by which EPS product material can be continuously re cycled for product use.   Similar to paper/card board re cycling efficiencies.

How long with the beads last?
We use the highest quality beads available which lasts up to 3 times longer than standard EPS beads.  However, bead degradation can occur depending on use and environmental conditions.
You may need to re fill the chairs after 1-2 years of use.    


Is there a weight limit for Hip Chik Chair products?
Hip Chik Chairs are durable however there is a suggested weight limit.
300 pounds maximum on Adult Chair, Lounger, Round and Square Ottoman.
250 pounds maximum on the Kids/Teen Chair and Footstool.
Note: you can sit on the footstool however we recommend the footstool as a foot rest for primary use.

Can I wash my Sunbrella covers?
Yes, the covers can be washed with  a delicate machine cycle, cold to warm setting along with a mild laundry detergent.  Hang dry, do not machine dry.

For Sunbrella fabrics care, please refer to the following URL