Hip Chik Chairs are inspired by the wonderful casual indoor outdoor chairs that dot Mediterranean beaches and seen in Mediterranean bars, restaurants and homes.

We were on a cruise for our 20th wedding anniversary on WIndstar in the eastern Mediterranean and found unusual but awesome casual chairs at a beach bar in Western Turkey.    

My wife said "we can market these chairs" in the US!  Unfortunately, that statement was made on the tender back to the cruise ship.  It would have been easy to buy the chair cover and liner on the spot, but new ideas and ventures aren't always easy or immediately obvious.

We discussed the idea as we went to our next stop in the Greek Islands, Mykonos. We stumbled upon a beach restaurant called "Hippie Fish" which had a restaurant logo of a fish with multi colored scales.  That theme, bright colors and our chairs "shaped like a chick" became the catalyst for the name Hip Chik Chairs!

After 3 months of searching we found the chair and designer, then made our own design modifications to create the Hip Chik "California Style" casual chairs we offer today!

As you can tell, we want to bring that great experience to our customers in the USA. We believe you will love our chairs as echoed by our happy customers that have seen, experienced sitting in and relaxing in Hip Chik Chairs. The unique patent protected design provides a level of support and comfort not found in normal casual chairs.

We are located in San Diego and what a great place to start marketing and selling these wonderful chairs.

We have been in business since August, 2012 and today, our products are sold through multiple, national on line retailers as well as international channels. 

For more information, contact - relax@hipchikcasual.com