Hip Chik Classic Chairs

The Hip Chik Classic Chair was our first product  launched in 2012.   We offer our Classic Chairs in Adult, Kids/Teen sizes as well as footstools. Comfortable, cool and fun casual indoor/outdoor chairs with the following features.   

Note: Hip Chik Classic Chairs are sold directly to retailers.

Key features (Adult Chair, Kids/Teen Chair and Footstools)
-Covers are made from 100% polyester water resistant fabric for indoor/outdoor use.
-15 fabric colors in any combination of cover and trim color options.
-Removable cover and inner liner so the cover can be removed, washed or replaced. 
-100% recycled "perfect bead" product fill, longest lasting bead on the market, 
-All products include a handle for ease of lifting and moving.  
-Patented Classic Chair design for style and comfort,

Below are some examples of color trim combinations that our customers have preferred over the years.
Please contact relax@hipchikcasual.com for information on pricing and availability. 

Note: Prices shown are MSRP.  

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